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GeN4 Security+ has clean and precise coding

We are home to the best PTC Script and GTP Script on the net! GeN4 Security+ is coded using strict standards with the customer in mind. It is developed in the latest version of 5.4 PHP and has the option of using InnoDB or MyISAM database engines with manual or automatic installations.

You can easily edit a theme, create a new one, add new features, or use GeN4 Security+ as the base for a brand new idea. No other GPT/PTC script allows the openness GeN4 offers as we only encode 3 pages.

We support our script and release free updates consistently to address any possible issues. When you use GeN4 Security+ you also get our extensive experience when you need help. We're here for your success.


GeN4 Security+ is extremely secure

GeN4 is reliable and secure. We pride ourselves in having the most secure PTC/GPT script available. No other script has the protection GeN4 has on as many levels as it has, including non-PTC/non-GPT.

We have a solid security system against hackers, cheaters, bots, and anyone else that could damage your business. Multiple levels of blocking, notifications, and filtering will protect you along your journey.

If you ever find an issue, we’re here to help you. Our forum has known PTC/GPT site admins from around the globe who frequent it often and are always looking to provide assistance when they can.


GeN4 Security+ has mazing functionality

Paid to Click (PTC), Paid To Video (PTV), Paid to Sign-Up (PTSU), Cointoss (Grid), Featured Ads, Featured Links, and Banners. 3rd party advertising with Adhiz, and Adfly. Paypal, Payza, and Okpay IPN and API.

Toolbar intergration options with Conduit and Skysa. Four types of Captcha systems including reCAPTCHA, NuCaptcha, Solve Media and our own system which has 8 types of customizable options for security.

GeN4 is constantly developed and new features are added each new release. There are over 800 settings in GeN4 which will keep your member base and advertiser base growing, while keeping you safe and secure.