Script Installation - Let Us Get Things Rolling For You!

I Purchased GeN4, But I Don't Know How to Install It!

1Purchase Your Domain Name

Your domain name is the address where Internet users access your website. Domain names cost roughly $19.99 per year or less to maintain.

2Purchase Your Hosting

Hosting requirements for GeN4 are listed on our FAQ page. You can use a VPS or Shared services if allowed.

3Connect Domain to Hosting

Your domain registrar has a panel which will allow you to setup nameservers provided by your hosting to your hosting.

4Pass Us Your Credentials

You will then provide us with your CPanel/Plesk login details along with your site URL, and the email address you would like your cron jobs sent to.



How much does installation cost?
The cost of installation is $39. It is a one time fee which is a non-refundable service. If your host for any reason will not work with GeN4, we will re-install you once you find a new host for no charge.

Typically how long does installation take?
Usually installation takes only 15 minutes from start to finish. Some things which could make it take longer are; incorrect login credentials, blocked country (USA), IP blocks, ordering when we're sleeping/offline, misconfigurations server side, waiting on domain propagation/hosting account to be established, STRICT_TRANS_TABLES being active in sql_mode, or a wait on hosting to install Source Guardian (if access is not available via CPanel/Plesk).


What does installation cover?
We'll setup a mysql database, install the script files onto your hosting, setup your cron jobs, and make sure everything is functioning normally. Manual installation of server side modules is not included beyond the CPanel options available from your hosting.

Do you provide installation directions if I want to attempt installation myself?
The script comes with both automatic and manual installation options. Each have their own set of instructions which as long as you have knowledge of PHP script installations, a novice skilled user can install GeN4. Server requirements can be found on our FAQ page. We are available for questions if you have any during the process.